Top 10 ZX Spectrum games

This is a guest article from Jesper Carlsson, a member of the Spectrum For Everyone Facebook group, regarding our recent feature on top 10 favourite Spectrum games. The feature is running until the end of June 2020, when the list will be finalised. 

So, how did I get into summarising all these ”top 10 lists” ??

I saw people posting their top 10’s and found some great games being voted for, but which game sticks out among the lists ?

Very typically me, liking statistics, I asked if anyone was making a summary of lists, and there you go, I volunteered 🙂

Little did I realise, I was up against noting 217 peoples votes of as many as 558 different titles (as of 10th June 2020 – Ed).

While this is in no way a perfect science, many voted for LESS than 10, some voted for MORE than 10 and several listed 10 but ”in no specific order”. But like many said, it’s not just about which game got the MOST number of votes, but as much to find that gem that got only ONE vote but still made it to somebody’s top 10 !

I did this mostly for my own pleasure in statistics and my nostalgic love for the ZX Spectrum and reminiscing over hours spent on the games I eventually noted down to my own list, as well as having a few ”ahhh THAT one I forgot all about”, like Valhalla and Zub, and I found some games I missed all together among the ones that others loved, Jumping Jack, awesome fun.

Most games voted for was obviously from the 80s but we had games mentioned from 1982 to 2019, proving that its not JUST about nostalgia, and that the love never ends.

76 votes
Manic Miner, perhaps not unsurprisingly, tops the list

64 votes
Jetpac at 2nd place, Ultimate Play the Game making a statement as the only publisher with THREE titles in the top 10

40 votes
Atic Atac, again Ultimate Play the Game…

35 votes and shared 4th place
Chuckie Egg, Skool Daze (wasn’t the sequel better??) and surprisingly to myself, Target: Renegade

30 votes and a shared 6th place
Football Manager and Jet Set Willy

29 votes and shared 8th place
Sabre Wulf (Ultimate again..), Saboteur! (Again, I think the sequel was a better game, how much we love the nostalgia
Bomb Jack (better than the sequel, isn’t it) 😀 Match Day 2 and RoboCop

Get into the list and find your gems, others gems, forgotten titles, new titles, lots of LOVE in there !!

The full list will be published when this feature ends on 30th June 2020.